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Protect your critical sales data and never lose an important deal again is a global recognized leader in customer relations management (CRM). The data inside your CRM is crucial to the survival of your business and must be kept safe.


From Trailblazer Community: “The Salesforce Data Recovery service is an expensive and time-consuming process and should only be used as a last resort, when no other copy of the data is available.“

Never miss a beat with Keepit for Salesforce which provides you full and granular protection and restore options preserving full relationship. Fully automated and regular backups run continuously without manual intervention.


Use the unique universal restore view and search capabilities of Keepit to quickly find those important objects and instantly restore in-place without service interruptions.

Unique and tamper-proofed storage your guarantee data stays untouched.


Archive and retention is key to Keepit and you have the option to retain data for as long as needed allowing you to offload archiving tasks with Keepit.


All the named objects below are covered by Keepit for Salesforce including any custom field added to these objects. Furthermore, Keepit will keep record of any relationship allowing you to restore with or without related record.


Screenshot_2021-03-11 Salesforce Keepit.
Screenshot_2021-03-11 Salesforce Keepit(
Screenshot_2021-03-11 Salesforce Keepit(
Screenshot_2021-03-11 Salesforce Keepit(

No backup solution is better than it's restore capabilities. Keepit for Salesforce offers a relevant wide range of restore options.

  •    Direct in-place

   When restoring a specific object it can be done directly into your production system with the choice of including any related objects or not.

  •    Instant Preview

   Any object within Keepit can always be previewed for quick comparison with other versions and verification of it being the correct version.

  •    Download

   Any Salesforce object can be directly downloaded as structured data objects for more advanced script processing or simply re-entry if better suited.

  •    Shareable Links

   Any Salesforce object can be directly downloaded as structured data objects for more advanced script processing or simply re-entry if better suited.  

Screenshot_2021-03-11 Salesforce Keepit(
Screenshot_2021-03-11 Salesforce Keepit(
Screenshot_2021-03-11 Salesforce Keepit(
Screenshot_2021-03-11 Salesforce Keepit(

Keepit as the only solution in the market features a highly unique access to your data. Browse your point in time snapshots covering the retention span you have chosen. Or simply search for specific items and choose to do this across time.
Keepit crunches terabytes of data in an instant giving you a very low effort supporting your organization in recovering from data loss.

There is no need for servers, software or operations when choosing Keepit as everything is included. Having direct access to your data from anywhere in the world you will never have to buy capacity or hire a competent technical team. Everything is included.

  •    Compliance

  •    GDPR

  •    Audit Log

  •    Job Monitor

  •    Validation

  •    Status Monitoring

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