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Microsoft Office 365 Backup and Recovery from Keepit protects Groups, Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and more.

Organizations assume that comprehensive backup is included in Microsoft Office 365. This is not the case. Global SaaS vendors like Microsoft do not assume any responsibility for your data, or for how you use their application.

According to Gartner, Microsoft Office 365's Recycle Bin does not meet the definition of backup. In addition, data retention, which in some cases is legally required, is not possible within Microsoft Office 365.

Keepit Backup and Recovery for Microsoft Office 365 gives you full protection of your critical business data across Office apps like Teams, Groups, SharePoint, Exchange, and OneDrive.
Hassle-free protection through fully-automated daily backups and detailed reporting on health.
Simple and fast restores with Keepit's unique data recovery features allows you to search across time, finding those missing files instantly with versatile restore options.

Keep it's own unique and tamper-proof storage is your guarantee data stays untouched. To meet your backup strategy, Keepit backs up to dual data centers in different geographical locations.
Unlimited storage and retention are key to Keepit Backup and Recovery for Microsoft Office 365. And you have the option to retain data for as long as needed, allowing you to offload archiving tasks via Keepit.


Screenshot_2021-03-11 Microsoft Office 3

Backup and restore Mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes, Folders, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and In-place Archives

Screenshot_2021-03-11 Microsoft Office 3

Backup and recover all files and folders inside your personal OneDrive and protect against that annoying sync-error

Screenshot_2021-03-11 Microsoft Office 3

Backup and restore everything in SharePoint from Site Collections, Document Libraries, Lists, Views, Permissions, Content Types, Columns, and Sub-sites Groups. Cover the strong part of Microsoft Office 365, capturing conversations, notebooks and sites.

Screenshot_2021-03-11 Microsoft Office 3

Protect the modern collaboration tool with everything from channels (including posts and replies), files, planners, tasks, calendars, Wiki, Team Sites, and more.

Screenshot_2021-03-11 Microsoft Office 3

Keepit also protects the much-used collaborative feature of Microsoft Office 365 including all messages and permissions

No backup solution is better than its recovery capabilities. It is up to you to choose whether you want to restore single items by sending users a time-limited link, or do an in-place restore right away. Keepit has numerous flexible restore options:

  •     In-place restore

    Most efficient option is the in-place restore for instantly getting lost data back to users.

  •     PST Download

    On-demand recovery through PST file download of Exchange and Public Folder contents.

  •     In-Place Archives

    In-place archives of your Public Folder content.

  •     Cross-user restore

    Easily migrate content from one user's email folders or OneDrive into another user's for simple and seamless transitions of projects.

  •     Download

    When you need to examine content before performing the restore you can download individual items or complete folders.

  •     Shareable Links

    Provide users with instant access to data without potentially overwriting data in-place. Protect links with expirations and passwords.

  •     SharePoint cross-site restore

    Use the cross-site restore option to restore a SharePoint site with a new URL, e.g., to test new features or because you have a DevOps process flow.


Keepit Backup and Recovery is the only solution on the market featuring truly unique access to your data, giving you opportunity to store and manage your data easily. Browse your point-in-time snapshots, covering the retention span you have chosen. Or simply search for specific items and choose to do this across time.

Keepit crunches terabytes of data in an instant, giving you a very low effort supporting your organization in recovering from data loss.

There is no need for servers, software, or operations when choosing Keepit, as everything is included. With direct access to your data from anywhere in the world, you will never have to buy capacity or hire a competent technical team. Everything is included:

  •     Compliance

  •     GDPR

  •     Audit Log

  •     Job Monitor

  •     Validation

  •     Status Monitoring

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